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June 14, 2010
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G Ref. Sheet by Gold-Paladin G Ref. Sheet by Gold-Paladin
Another member of Holy Order except it's a biological experiment.

Name: G
Codename: Blood Forger
Age: ???
Type: Demon
Personality: Silent
Weapon: Blood
Likes: Red
Dislikes: Salt and Electricity
- Agile
- Unlimited blood
- Regenerates
- Recieve damage= More power
- Can transform blood into deadly weapons
- Core
- Salt
- Electricity
Cut/Stab- That's right folks, it LITERALLY cut/stab itself. It will cut/stab anywhere such as neck, head, torso, and other parts except it's chest.
Blood Weapon- Once it cut/stab itself, it can create variety of weapons such as sword, axe, scythe, spear, and others. But it depends on how much blood it's releasing.
Blood Needles- A stab to the hand can allow it to shoot out blood needles. Careful, they're REALLY sharp.
Blood Rise- Enough blood such as puddles can allow it to turn bloody floors into bloody spikes.
Blood Shield- G gets covered in its own blood which can protect momentarily. G can also turn its blood shield into spikes as well.
G's Death- If a opponent only concentrates on destroying G's body EXCEPT the core. A huge flood of blood will come bursting out of it. Hope you got a wetsuit.
Blood Burst- A stab in G's eyes allow it to shoot blood beams. Careful, the impact on blood burst is devastating.
Spike Ball- G's core (Original Form) will be coated in blood thanks to G's Death can allow the eye to turn into a spike ball.
Eye of G- A strange skill that allows the core to use glare, causing its opponent paralyze in short period of time. Don't know how... maybe stare deep into your soul I guess?
Blood Offering- Again, thanks to G's Death, the eye can summon its form to attack its opponents.
Blood Tentacles- It can turn blood into squid-like tentacles to latch on its opponent to break its bones.
G's Resurrection- If the opponent takes too long on killing the core, G will go back to its corpse and revive. Which gives a huge advantage to G since the area will be covered in blood.
G is a biological experiment from the Elemental Laboratory. It works for Holy Order but doesn't have any command. G possesses amazing powers that can control blood thanks to the core. G is more of a replica of Nobitsu since G has some of the demon's blood. Even though they share the same blood, there powers are far different. Nobitsu has a unique skill that Holy Orders are dying to get but capturing him is not that easy. G is more of a guardian but more professional rank like Prince Leo. G's job is usually watch over the prisoners or do missions.

G (c) ~Gold-Paladin
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