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January 11, 2009
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Emily Valia Ref. Sheet by Gold-Paladin Emily Valia Ref. Sheet by Gold-Paladin
Name: Emily Valia (Five-Face)
Age: 20
Weight: 227 lbs.
Height: 5'8
Type: Half Human and Half Machine
Weapons: 2 Metal/ Drill Tonfas, grappling hooks, knuckles, and metal boots

Normal Emily:
Likes- Butterflies, waterfall, traveling, and friends
Dislikes- Violence, being naked, blood, pain, and being used
Info- In her normal state, she doesn't even want to try attacking someone. She would ONLY attack if she is in danger or somebody wants to kill her. Emily will always say "please, I don't want to fight you!" Her fighting style is above average and CAN knock her opponent out cold(IF she has no choice but to fight). Normal Emily uses a metal tonfa for battle since she doesn't want to kill.
-Very flexible
-Amazing speed
-Can jump high(Not super but still pretty high)
-Very durable(Can take strong impacts)
-Mental disorder
-Poor defense
-Being naked(Her clothes are VERY easy to be taken off)
Hint: look at her zipper
-Refuses to fight or kill
-Too trusting
-Light(Can be thrown easily)

Crazy Emily:
Likes- Blood, killing, and torture
Dislikes- What normal Emily likes
Info- In her crazy state, she will have no hesitation on killing her opponent. Crazy Emily DOES enjoy killing, but she doesn't kill EVERYONE. She ONLY kills those that she doesn't like, feeling bored, or protect herself from danger. Crazy Emily uses a drill tonfa since she likes to kill.
-Very flexible
-Amazing speed
-Can jump high(Not super but still pretty high)
-Very durable(Can take strong impacts)
-Can't feel pain
-Mental disorder
-Poor defense
-Light(Can be thrown easily)
-Loses stamina real quick if not eat anything

Special Infos:

Ghost 1: Ragey(Mad Grin)- A ghost that loves to toy around with Emily's mind. It has a habit to make a lie to her saying, "Everybody hates you... they want you dead... they don't give a damn about you!" It will try to convince Emily to give up hope and let the ghosts take control of her. But the problem about that is, Emily will never give in!

Ghost 2: Lusty(Long Grin)- A perverted ghost that loves Emily's body. These ghosts have possessed a lot of people back then, but they were mostly males. Since they have possessed Emily, Lusty can do whatever it wants with her. It LOVES to play around with her body or make-out with someone. And one more thing, Lusty is an AMAZING kisser.

Ghost 3: Gluttony(Tongue Grin)- This ghost is absolutely disgusting. It eats whatever it wants such as corpses, animals, or other creatures. Hungry would first try to lick them if they taste delicious. If not, the other ghosts would take over.

Ghost 4: Psycho(Crazy Grin)- The most terrifying of all 4 ghosts. Psycho's mind is nothing but kill kill kill. It always wants to kill people and it's proud of it. Psycho was responsible for killing Emily's friends and it enjoyed it. So Emily will try with all her strength to prevent Psycho from killing.

Story: Emily is a soft and kind character that likes to live in peace. In the past, she was the member of the Trident Team that fights for peace and justice. Emily and her team were on a mission to stop a small organization from shipping these special viruses. The organization was found in the underground tunnel and the Trident Team had made an ambush. The battle was pretty epic on some points, but due to some powerful impacts on the tunnel, it created a large hole where Emily had fell into, along with the viruses. Emily was knocked out cold while the virus started to infect her. When Emily started to wake up, she was found trapped in the tunnel and saw most of her teams killed, including the gangs. She tried to call for help, but had no luck at all... until she heard voices. Emily was scared since there was no one else but herself, until she saw these four dark ghosts floating around her. The four ghosts were smiling at her with their sharp teeth and spoke to her.
Dark Ghost 1: Well well well, you are finally awake, Emily.
Emily: W-who are you? And how do you know my name?
Dark Ghost 3: Heeheeheeheeheehee we are you!
Dark Ghost 2: What you have done was magnificent!
Emily: W-what are you guys talking about!?
Dark Ghost 4: Why, killing everyone of course!
Emily: What?!
D.G.3: You are an interesting character, I can't believe you are using this power for good!
Emily: Th-that's a lie, I didn't kill everyone!
D.G.1: Heh, is that so?
D.G.2: Look at your hands!
When Emily looked at her hands, it was completely covered in blood. She couldn't believe what she just saw. She saw her teams that were torn apart and the wounds on the dead soldiers were fresh. Emily was petrified with fear that she killed her own team. Emily also found a broken capsule laying next to her and found out that she was infected by the virus!
Emily: Y-you four possessed me and killed my friends! WHY?
D.G.4: We were bored! I mean come on, do you know how long we were trapped in that stupid capsule?
D.G.2: Don't worry, you'll make new friends anyway!
D.G.3: Yeah, we just wanted to have a little fun! So don't worry, we won't kill people without your permission! *hee hee*
D.G.1: Thanks to you, we are finally free and you are now OUR host!
Emily couldn't believe it, she was infected by the virus and now they are trapped inside her. Once Emily got out of the tunnel, she wanted to find a way to break this curse. Emily had taken off her radio to cut off her Trident Team so that she won't bring harm to her own team.
D.G.2: My my my, it's been a long time since we get to feel this fresh air.
D.G.4: So where to Emily?
D.G.3: Come on come on, I want to kill!
D.G.1: Heh heh heh, looks like this is going to be interesting journey!

-Normal Emily is kind, shy, and friendly
-Crazy Emily is happy, cheerful, and sometimes a psycho
-Crazy Emily LOVES to have fun
-Crazy Emily RARELY speaks, all she does is smile and giggle
-For Emily to turn insane is mainly from ALMOST getting killed, defenseless, too scared, knocked out, or strong impact on the head.
-To return to her normal self is overcoming her ghosts(Takes QUITE awhile to recover) or strong impact on the head.
-Does NOT wear a mask
-If Emily is naked, she MOSTLY concentrates on concealing herself
-Crazy Emily does NOT worry about herself being naked, in fact, she'll use her body to tease her opponent. Example: A kiss, showing her body, or other things that gets people attracted
-Emily is the ONLY one that can see and hear the 4 ghosts.
-Wants to live and WANTS to find a cure to lift the curse
-If Emily is knocked out, Crazy Emily has full control
-If Emily is possessed without getting knocked out, Crazy Emily will have some difficulty to kill her opponent
-Emily will do WHATEVER it takes to prevent Crazy Emily from killing EVEN if the opponent is trying to kill her
-Emily is too trusting
-Normal Emily is terrified of creepy creatures
-Normal Emily absolutely hates seeing other people get killed in front of her or left behind to die, she will try anything to save someone EVEN if they are trying to kill her.
-Crazy ALWAYS smile even in pain or fear (plus she always has a heart sign floating out meaning that she feels aroused)

Emily Valia and story (c) :icongold-paladin:
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PandaPharoh Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013   Artist
luv it, instant fave
hexantam Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
me: maybe I help her, control her minds
DarkSamus20 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Student General Artist
MDMon: *walk by*
D.G.1: Hey Look that guy looks like he's having fun!
D.G.3: Yeah let's crash his party
Emily: NO I won't let you do that
D.G.2: OH COME ON WE HAVEN'T had ANY action for DAYS
Emily: Again I will not let you harm them
D.G.4: alright, this is going to be difficult but we'll take from here Emily
Emily: HEhehe
Me: huh, *looks at near by forest* ._. Uh Oh
D.G.3: Oh yeah this is when things get fun


Emily: Hey there boy
Me: *push Emily off Machinedramon*
Me: wow I can't believe that worked
Emily: *giggle*
Me: should have known this would be hard


Emily: uuuhhhhh my head
Me: Hey you ok
Emily: huh, Oh my GOSH did I kill anyone?
Me: thankfully no
D.G.4: Man I can't believe we lost to that guy
D.G.2: I know right
Emily: I should get going
Me: wait let me take you there
Emily: No sorry I can't accept your...
Me: Oh Come on, we will have time to get to know each other
D.G.1: yeah Emily accept
Emily: Ok but it has to be quick, got it
Me: got it, *whistle*, MACHINEDRAMON
Me: Name's Kevin by the way
Emily: I'm Emily
Me: nice to meet you Emily
Me: you fought pretty tough, as if possessed by something
Emily: yeah
Me: So where you headed?
Emily: That's not important
Me: Come on lazybones get up here
Emily: *climb up Machinedramon*

Machinedramon(c) Namco Bandi
carlodagunz Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, so Crazy Emily is basically all four ghosts at once?
mnmega Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012
How'd she end up half machine?
Gold-Paladin Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2012
You really don't wanna know. Because I have no idea and the plot is still incomplete.
TheRedLionHeart Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
She reminds me of Taokaka from Blazblue... o.e
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.... i thought i was done fightin these multiple personality people but i guess not. back to the daily grind ps. i love the art work
Jazmer1 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2010
Omfg I was searching for refs and I found a 2 in 1... The kind of ref I need and another person to add to deviantwatch
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What a great smile!
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